How to Stop Sweat Marks

How to Stop Sweat Marks
Are you terrified to raise your arms because it might expose unsightly armpit stains? If so, you're not alone. Plenty of people live in fear of showing nasty, sweat stains every time their arms move.

The good news is that you don't have to live this way. Several strategies can give you the relief that you may have been seeking for a lifetime.

One of the first things to examine is whether you're using deodorant or antiperspirant. While deodorant is effective for eliminating the odors that sweat can cause, it doesn't do much for preventing sweat marks. To get that kind of solution, you need to use an antiperspirant.

An antiperspirant not only provides necessary odor control but also it prevents underarm sweat glands from working overtime. The result is a dryer armpit area that is far less susceptible to sweat stains.

You also may want to consider making some alterations to your diet. It may be hard to believe, but some foods actually excite the body to produce more perspiration. Generally, these are foods with low fiber content or those that contain excess salt or fat. Processed foods, caffeine and spicy dishes also may cause you to get hot under the collar. Eat a healthy diet, and you might find that you get fewer sweat marks.

It's also critical to examine what kind of dress shirt you are wearing. If it's anything other than performance fabric, then it may be contributing to the sweat stains that keep appearing under your arms. In fact, it makes sense to look for a dress shirt that is not only breathable but also has some stretch. Stretch fabric moves naturally with your body, which means that you strain less as you go about your day. This keeps you cooler and far less sweaty. A little bit of stretch ensures your comfort even when you're working hard.

You might take your efforts one step farther to get a performance dress shirt that wicks moisture away from your body. Made to contend with even the most stressful boardroom situation, these shirts never interfere with a flawless performance.

Choose a performance dress shirt from Versattire when it's time to upgrade your wardrobe. Designed for use in a professional setting, these shirts are so comfortable that you won't mind wearing them in the evenings, on the weekends and beyond.

Versattire shirts move with your body without tugging or pulling. There's no need to fidget or make adjustments with these perfectly sized dress shirts. Just put it on, and you'll instantly look crisp, clean and professional. Best of all, these shirts contain all of the qualities that you're looking for. Made of stretchable performance fabric, each shirt is eminently breathable so that you can stay cool all day and say good-bye to sweat marks forever.

Stop being afraid to raise your hand in public. Use antiperspirant, make a few changes to your diet and choose Versattire shirts for the ultimate in comfort and functionality.

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