Stretch Business Shirts Are The New Normal

Business Dress Shirts Will Never Be The Same 

Since the pandemic began, the phrase, "the new normal," has been everywhere. It might describe your commute, where you work, how you play and who you hang out with. However, Versattire likes to put its own spin on "the new normal."

The New Business Shirt Norm

Stretchable, breathable, comfortable business shirts are our specialty. Remember how traditional work shirts feel? They are stiff and rigid with a boxy fit, and sweat stains are always inevitable. That's why Versattire has designed stretchable dress shirts that are made to move with you.

These are not your dad's dress shirts. Instead, this is a performance dress shirt that will stay tucked in no matter how strenuous your day becomes. Have you always believed that shirts that stretch are only found in the athletic wear department? If so, then it's time to learn about Versattire's stretchable dress shirts.

Short Sleeve Means More Breathability 

Our latest innovations are short sleeve stretch fabric dress shirts. These garments are made to move thanks to the use of stretch fabric. Plus, you don't have to worry about sweat stains and spills anymore. Each one of our shirts that stretch includes Versattire's exclusive StainLess Tech.

StainLess Tech Fabric

What will StainLess Tech do for you? It will keep you looking clean and fresh all day long. Have you ever spilled coffee on your shirt first thing in the morning? Then, you had to go to meeting after meeting with an embarrassing stain on your shirt. That's not so much a problem anymore with Versattire's comfortable, breathable and stretchable business shirts for men.

That's because our stretch business shirts have StainLess Tech woven right into the fabric. With this level of stain resistance, you won't have to worry about a discolored shirt ever again.

The Do-Everything Office Shirt

Even better, this performance dress shirt stays tucked in the way you want it to. Have you ever dealt with a traditional dress shirt that was constantly coming untucked? If so, then you know how incredibly frustrating and distracting this can be.

Versattire has solved this problem for you by offering a stretch dress shirt that will stay tucked in. No more constant tugging and adjusting when you make the switch to a stretch business shirt from Versattire.

One of the most remarkable things about the stretch fabric out of which all Versattire shirts are made is that it holds its shape for years. Wash, wear and repeat again and again, and these shirts will look as good as new.

Are you ready for stretch fabric dress shirts that allow you full range of motion, look great and let you feel like you're wearing your most comfortable clothes every day of the week?

Then you're ready for a Versattire performance dress shirt made with StainLess Tech. Try one of our short-sleeve styles today.

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[Afterpay 6/24/21]