What Are Collar Stays Used For?

What Are Collar Stays Used For?

The Main Problem With Collar Stays

Have you received a set of collar stays only to lose one in just a few short days? Think about it. This is the plague with collar stays. Similar to socks where you also seem to lose just one, collar stays are equal part problematic. The end result is one ‘stay’ that you can’t really do much with so you either toss it or store in your drawer hoping you find the other in a magical unearthing.

We introduced our Magnetic Collar Stays to solve the issue of always losing one collar stay, plus another important issue you may not know about. But first…What is a magnetic collar stay? To best answer this, let’s understand why a collar stay is even needed.

The Dress Shirt Collar 

A man’s dress shirt collar has two points. These points are longest part of the collar and point down to the chest. (See blue circles below)

The collar points may sometimes be creased, flared up, or not as pointed down as the wearer may like. A collar stay goes on the interior side of the collar in a special sewed opening

behind the collar point (as seen above). You can place the collar stay point-side in or point-side out depending on your preference.

The visual result of an inserted collar stay is a more formed, structured collar that stays pointed down giving your full collar a more professional look. A metal collar stay ads just the right amount of added weight to the collar point. This provides a crisp and rigid point giving you a more formal appearance. 

Magnetic Collar Stay Benefits

Now to the magnetic part. There are actually several advantages of using magnets but we found the biggest advantage is helping you keep both your collar stays together when you take them out after a productive day at work or a night out on the town. The magnets keep the collar stays bound when you remove them and when you want to throw your stay cool dress shirt in the washer (that’s right, we designed machine washable dress shirts), giving you peace of mind.

Our polished, rounded metal, engraved collar stays were designed to go perfect with any dress shirt but they perfectly fit with our a moisture wicking mens dress shirt in mind. So do yourself and your sweat wicking dress shirt a favor and upgrade your collar game. Your future self will thank you.

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