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4 simple ways to reduce sweat marks at work

We've all done it. Tried to hide our sweat marks at work. Whether it was running to the bathroom to dry our pits with paper towels, sitting under the air conditioner for an extended period of time, or worse, bringing a second dress shirt to wear. Trying to look calm and composed while sweating through your shirt is like trying to make a free throw with your pants down. Even if you make it, everyone was paying attention to your fruit of the loom boxers. So what are we to do? Here are 5 ways you can reduce those embarrassing sweat marks and start gaining your confidence back. 1 . Stop wearing the color grey Grey is the absolute worst...

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Versattire has a new home!

Hello, Versattire family! You have probably been wondering why Versattire has been missing from your Instagram and Facebook feeds lately. The reason will make you smile.   Since our shirts made the front cover of the Palm Beach Post earlier this year, we decided to make a bold decision and move our American manufacturing closer to home. How close? How about a just short drive away! In the apparel industry, this is rare. Most of your favorite brands are born in sweatshops across the globe. Not us. We pride ourselves in the quality of our attire and worker welfare. To make sure you get the most comfortable button-down shirt in the world, made by honest hard-working Americans, we felt we needed...

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