Two rules to follow for the perfect man-gift in 2019

We all know the struggle, trying desperately to think of what kind of gift to get for your husband, father, brother, boyfriend, friend or family member. Questions that routinely pop up are: How much should I spend? What will they like? Where do I go?

The struggle is real.

The good news, men are typically happy to receive gifts and pretty easy to shop for if you understand two principles:

1. Stick with the essentials and focus on multiples.

Now we’re not saying go out and get them a cologne gift set, I think we can all agree this gift really doesn’t take much thought at all. Rather, stick the essentials in their closet. Better yet, focus on items they might want multiples of. When you know what is essential in their life, and then get them multiples of that item, you’re 99% going to be the perfect the gift giver.

2. Focus on the wardrobe

More specifically, focus on items they will wear over and over again. On average, men rotate 10-12 dress shirts in their closet. Casual tees also comprise a large percentage of their wardrobe as well. These are two can’t miss gifting areas.

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