Our Story

We’re Matteo and Julie Ferrer, Founders of Versattire. We’re newly married and we are serious about designing the most comfortable dress shirts in the world. We’re so excited to have you join us in our journey and now you can also follow our story on the new Discovery Channel series - IQuit!

What is Versattire?

Our name breaks down to Versatile-Attire and we hold this true to our heart. We wanted to change the dress shirt industry completely by focusing on 5 pillars:

  • Insane Comfort
  • Sweat Wicking
  • Stretch Fabric
  • Reduced Environmental Impact
  • Quality American Manufacturing

With these pillars in mind, we achieved in making the best, most comfortable dress shirts in the world. We’re so excited to invite you to try on the difference!

Our Chameleon

Like a chameleon adapts to its environment, Versattire adapts to yours. We adopted the chameleon as our official mascot in 2017 and our fans love her. She embodies the versatility of our performance fabrics and our mission. Just like their camouflage, we discreetly place our chameleon on Versattire so you can feel confident we have your back.

Our Planet

Matteo Ferrer is a former professor in Environmental Sustainability, so we take our carbon footprint serious! The result is a small business that proudly makes our shirts in the USA and focuses on quality so that you can wear Versattire for years to come.

Most importantly, our manufacturing facility is one of the only apparel facilities in the world that is powered by 100% wind and solar energy.