"I created the shirt that I was looking for everywhere and I'm looking forward to you experiencing it."

Matteo Ferrer

CEO & Founder

Our Story

Hot and crowded commutes, embarrassing sweat marks, and the plight of always having to tuck in my shirt 20 times a day led me to think- something has to change. So I set on my quest to make the best dress shirt in the world.

Hi, I’m Matteo Ferrer. Founder and creator of Versattire. A native to South Florida, I’ve made it my mission to bring performance and comfort to your daily grind. After years of researching and testing, we crafted a line of shirts that performs better than anything you’ve ever worn. We like to call our category of clothing- Versattire (versatile attire). I’m so proud of what we have created and to see our fans share the same enthusiasm is inspiring.We truly have poured everything into bringing you revolutionary attire that breaks the mold. Try us on and see for yourself!

Our Chameleon

Like a chameleon adapts to its environment, Versattire adapts to yours. We adopted the chameleon as our official mascot in 2017 and our fans love her. She embodies the versatility of our performance fabrics and our mission. Just like their camouflage, we discreetly place our chameleon on Versattire so you can feel confident we have your back.

Our Planet

As a former professor in Environmental Sustainability, I knew pursuing the perfect dress shirt also meant changing how we did it. The apparel industry, especially the fast fashion craze, has negatively affected our planet. To help address this issue, we set out on a mission to reduce our footprint. The result is a small business that proudly makes our shirts in the USA and focuses on quality so that you can wear Versattire for years to come. Our manufacturing facility is also powered by wind and solar renewable energy. We also prioritize ordering materials from other small businesses and whenever possible, forge local relationships with suppliers.

Minority Owned

Sustainably Focused

Revolutionary Purpose