What's With Stretch Dress Shirts?

If the idea of wearing a button down shirt makes you uncomfortable, then it's time for you to consider a stretchable alternative.

Versattire's comfortable, breathable, shirts are exactly what you need for a long day at the office or for those casual days when you still need to look your best. Not convinced? Read on to discover how a performance dress shirt can be versatile enough for everyday wear.

It Stays Tucked In

One of the most annoying things about wearing a traditional dress shirt is its tendency to come untucked. You know the feeling. The moment you bend or twist or turn, the tails of your shirt start coming out of your waistband. You end up feeling like you're constantly tucking in your shirt. Sometimes you may be tucking your shirt in up to 20 times a day!

A stretch dress shirt moves with you, which allows it to stay tucked in. Gone is the need to constantly rearrange your shirt so that you always look presentable. With this kind of performance, you can look great and feel even better.

Super Comfortable

Who says that looking great has to be uncomfortable? A stretchable button down shirt lets you feel like you're wearing your favorite old T-shirt even when you're dressed for a conservative workplace. When the day gets long and stressful, your shirt collar won't feel too tight, and you'll have plenty of room for your shoulders and torso. You won't feel restricted, which means that you can focus on getting that big project done.

5 Times More Stretch Than Your Gym Shirt

You know how your gym shirt moves with you like it's a second skin? A dress shirt made from stretch fabric always gives you a perfect fit, and it does this by giving you five times more stretch than the average gym shirt. Chances are good that you don't do anything more strenuous in your work life than you do at the gym, so you'll have more than enough flexibility for the average day.

Allows Breathability

One of the main advantages of a stretch fabric shirt is that the material is incredibly breathable. This lets you keep your cool no matter what the weather is doing and regardless of how stressful the day gets. Innovative material actually wicks the sweat away from your body while allowing cool air to contact your skin. This keeps your temperature low even when the temperature isn't.

The Versattire Difference

If you want to discover what it's like to be comfortable in every situation, then it's time to choose a performance dress shirt that keeps you relaxed while still giving you a tailored and polished look. These button down, breathable shirts have a crisp appearance yet they feel as cozy as your favorite t-shirt.

Moreover, these shirts are incredibly durable. Wear after wear and wash after wash, they hold their shape without shrinking. If you take care of this remarkable shirt, it will take care of you for a lifetime.

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