Why do you sweat through your dress shirt?

We’ve all been there. Running to a meeting, visiting friends, or simply just walking outside and then, ‘uh oh,' we begin to feel the sweat. We try and cool ourselves but it’s too late, everyone around you can see where you sweat and how much. Your dress shirt certainly doesn’t do you any favors as it absorbs and shows this sweat even more. But why does this happen? Why do we sweat in these situations? Is there ways to avoid this sweaty and embarrassing mess?



Working or being in high pressure environments can trigger stress or anxiety in many individuals. A potential consequence of these sensations may be increased sweating. Increased sweating can escalate or accelerate following an episode of nervousness, anxiety, fear or stress. If this describes you, remember to remove yourself from these situations or lessen the time you are in them. It could lower perspiration and actually contribute to a longer and healthy life!


This may seem obvious but the temperature around you profoundly impacts your body temperature. In a room that’s too hot? Lower the thermostat. If you are unable to lower the thermostat, bring a mobile/desk fan. Going out to lunch with coworkers? Pick an indoor restaurant. Have you just finished exercising? Give your body a few minutes to cool down. The cooling down period can be accelerated by taking a cold or cool shower, drinking cold liquids, and lowering your heart rate by slow breathing exercises. Seriously, try the above after your next sweat session and see if it helps. 


Nearly 8 million people in the US have some sort of hyperhydrosis or excessive sweating. This medical condition can be characterized by unpredictable or extreme perspiration, commonly it is isolated to underarm sweating. If you believe this describes your condition, you may want to meet with a medical professional. Another way to help address this extreme sweat is by wearing breathable fabrics or using anti-perspirants rather deodorants. Deodorants just mask odor. Anti-perspirants can reduce odor and are chemically designed to lessen over sweating in the area(s) you directly apply. 

Your Dress Shirt Fabric

Finally, it may be time upgrade your wardrobe. Your dress shirt and professional attire is a staple in your closet and more than likely you have at least 5-10 of them. When is the last time you took a close look at these old button down shirts? Perhaps even a better question, when is the last time you felt confident to put on a specific color dress shirt because you were afraid of how much it might show off your sweaty pits? Versattire solves this. Breathable fabric was once exclusive to world class athletes; not anymore. Now you can have sweat wicking, super stretchable performance fabric in your dress shirt! Our shirts are proven to reduce sweat marks and bring confidence back into your life. Give our shirts a try. With free returns and exchanges there is nothing to lose!

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