Being Green Is Who We Are

The Only Dress Shirt Made With 100% Solar/Wind Power

Our founder and CEO, Matteo Ferrer is an environmental expert. No, literally. He has a Master’s in Environmental Sustainability, 11 years experience working to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and was also an Adjunct Professor of Environmental Studies. So when we say being green and sustainable is who we are, we mean it. So when we set out to design the perfect line of men’s dress shirts we also knew we had to change it’s impact. The apparel industry, especially the fast fashion habits, have negatively affected our planet. To help address this issue, we set out on a bold mission statement: 


Our Eco Mission

“We are creating the most versatile apparel in the world. We accomplish this in two ways: Design with the planet in mind. Design with our customer in mind. When we achieve both, we all benefit.”


How We Live It 

We Don't Import From Overseas. We Proudly Manufacture in The USA. 

We ship your shirts using compostable/recycled packaging.

We buy our materials from US small businesses. 

We purposefully reduce our plastic waste.

We created The Only Dress Shirt Made With 100% Solar/Wind Power!